Welcome to Bullet Music

Why Bullet Music?

  • The name BULLET MUSIC was decided upon due to the usual marketing strategies – near the beginning of the alphabet – easy to remember – western theme (Western Canada).

  • The message we like is in the meaning of the word “Bullet” as it applies to the music industry.  In the late 1950’s, Billboard magazine began rating music in a chart they called the “HOT 100”.  When a song was climbing the Hot 100, the song position-number was circled and they nicknamed this icon a Bullet.

  • The popular "Number ONE 1 With A Bullet" catch-phrase means that a record is not only on top of the chart, it has upward momentum and will likely stay at number one for a while as it can't go any higher.

Our name, BULLET MUSIC, is the first way we let you know that we are in the business of music.  We have studied the charted music and like to think that we know what will be the best music mix for your function.  We play music that is familiar. We play dinner music for dinner.  We play dance music when it’s time to dance.  We play variety when variety is called for.  Bullet Music DJ services has all the charted music since rock ‘n’ roll began and we are “Your Sure Shot DJ”.

For Weddings and Company Gatherings / School Gigs to Family Reunions –


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